CS Week 2022: Abbey Mortgage Bank Celebrates 3 Decades of Excellence

CSWeek 2022: Abbey Mortgage Bank Celebrates 3 Decades of Excellent Customer Experience

October 28, 2022Business

For thirty years Abbey Mortgage Bank has continued to stand strong and achieve substantial growth because of our commitment to providing solutions in Mortgages, Housing, Finance, and Investments. Above all, our highly esteemed and loyal customers have been instrumental in our success as a bank. We take pride in providing quality experiences to them which is why being Customer-focused is one of the Bank’s core values.

"I have been banking with Abbey for more than 20 years,” Said one of our most valued customers, Mr. Donatus Okeke recently at a meeting with his account officer. He went on to say that banking with Abbey has been a stress-free experience for him. “I have had three different managers, who have always been proactive in dealing with my accounts. My relationship with the bank has grown over the years and they have become a bank that I can always rely on.”

A veteran customer, Mrs. Roseline Onyeogu of Early Life school in Iyana Iba, made a statement saying: “I have been banking with Abbey for approximately thirty years, when they were only a small bank, and even in the face of challenges they have continued to evolve as a brand. Now they are thirty years and have become one of the most prestigious mortgage banks in Nigeria, providing exceptional service to customers across Nigeria”

We are grateful for each one of wonderful customers and it is because of them that we look forward to commemorating this Customer Service Week in style.

According to our GM and Group Head of IT & Operations, Lolita Ejiofor, when speaking about the upcoming celebrations said, “At Abbey we immerse ourselves in the values of customer centrism, so we have flourished and thrived on the loyalty and support of our customers.” She we went on to add that:” Customer Service week is a celebration and appreciation of those who already believe in our revolutionary brand and those who’s journey will lead them to start Building Dreams with us!”

This Customer Service week, we encourage both existing and prospective customers to stop by at one of our branches for a chance to receive and enjoy the full extent of our appreciation.

Happy Customer Service Week from all of us at Abbey!

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