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Electronic Banking

Abbey Classic Card

Abbey Cards…Money When You Need It, At Your Convenience

Abbey Mortgage Bank offers a number of cards that allows you access your cash and perform basic banking transactions quickly, safely, and conveniently without visiting our banking halls, via ATMs (Automated Teller Machines), POS and other online channels. We offer the following cards:

  • Abbey Verve Debit Card (Coming Soon)

  • Abbey School Flex Card (Coming Soon)

  • Abbey Verve Prepaid Card

Prepaid Card 2

Abbey Verve Prepaid Card is a re-loadable Naira denominated domestic card that requires no banking relationship with cardholders by way of account opening and maintenance. It is acceptable for payment of goods & services on all payment channels – Domestic sites, POS & ATM in Nigeria. Simply load your desired transaction amount through any of the as budgeted and start transacting.


  • Naira denominated
  • Valid for 3 years
  • Secured by EMV technology, thereby preventing card cloning and unauthorized access to cardholder’s funds
  • Can be personalized to bear cardholder’s name or can be purchased off the shelf
  • Flexible for co-branding with organizations and corporate bodies

Benefit to cardholder

  • Easy to get and use and no credit check is required to get the card.
  • Non –exposure of unintended funds & accts
  • Load in any Abbey Mortgage Bank Plc branches
  • Can be used to make purchases online, pay bills and access cash at ATMs
  • Provides extra protection for Web based transactions with “Safe token” One Time Password (OTP)

Benefit to Corporate clients

  • Ideal as a payroll card for employees
  • Suitable for use as petty cash card
  • Channel of use restriction option
  • Can be used as commission card for distributors
  • Availability of reports / statements for Audit and reconciliation
  • Mobile advert if card is co-branded with the company’s logo and color
  • Drive sales at merchant locations when sold as gift cards

Benefit to schools/professional institutions

  • Co- branded with School logo for use as tuition payment card on school portal
  • Student Identification with picture, bio-data and school details (matric number, faculty, admission year etc) can be incorporated
  • Can be enabled for access control with MI-fare chip embedded
  • Ideal as a staff card for identity, access and payment of incentive
  • Drive cashless payments of goods and services on campus


  • Issuance: N1,000 (generic), N1,500 (aco-brand)
  • PIN Reissue:  Free
  • POS and Web: Free
  • ATM Withdrawal: N65