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eBanking FAQs

How do I apply for my Card?

Visit the nearest Abbey branch of choice. For Corporate requests, please contact your relationship account officer.

Must I have an Abbey account before I can apply for the Card?

Verve prepaid card can be purchased by existing customers and non-customers of the bank. Simply provide your minimum KYC details i.e. Name, Address and Phone number and provide a valid means of ID or Utility bill.

Re-loading a Prepaid Card:
  • Go to any Abbey Bank branch with your Card Number (PAN).
  • Complete fully the authority to debit prepaid card form for account holders
  • Non-account holders should fill a deposit slip and proceed to the teller point with your cash. Your card will be re-credited immediately.
How do I fund my Card?

You can fund your card at any Abbey branch or other banks of choice.

How do I check my card balance?

Card balance can be checked on the ATM.

How can I get my Card Statement?

Your Verve Prepaid Card statement will be made available to you on request at our branches.

Can the card be used outside Nigeria?

No, the Verve Prepaid Card is a purely domestic card.

Can the Card be linked to a customer’s existing accounts?

No, the Cards is not linked to any account, funding is done with the card number.

What is the maximum amount that can be loaded on this card?

Card balance is regulated at a maximum amount of N250,000

Can the spending limit be increased upon customer’s request?

Yes, subject to the regulatory limit. Cardholder will also be required to fulfill full KYC requirement at his/her branch of request.

Is there any minimum card balance & annual maintenance fee?

No minimum card balance / annual maintenance fee is applicable to Card.

The ATM machine displays the message “Financial Institution Not Available”?

Retry after a few minutes, the network connection is down. If message persists, please use another ATM machine.

My card got stuck at the ATM machine?

Report the incidence to your branch and when the cards are retrieved and dispatched yours will be sent to your branch. This happens when the PIN is entered wrongly up to three times or the card was reported missing and was hot-listed. The cash and teller team members go to the ATM machine periodically to get details of transaction and to physically check the amount of cash remaining in the machine. At such times, they pick cards that are retained by the machine, from any cash center, and send to the E-banking department.

I forgot my card PIN?

Submit a request for a new PIN through your branch and a new PIN will be re-issued to you.

My card is damaged?

Submit the damaged ATM card to us through your branch along with a form requesting for a new Card and another card will be issued with a charge. Always place Cards away from electromagnetic items e.g. mobile phones.

I have lost my card

Submit a request for a new Card to the CSU unit of your branch who will notify us about the lost card. A new Card and PIN will be reissued to you.

What is Mobile Money and what are the benefits?

Mobile Money is a convenient, secure, and affordable way of sending money using a mobile phone.

Who can use the Mobile Money?

Mobile Money is available to all subscribers of the service. Non-subscribers can also benefit from a number of the services in Mobile Money.

Do I need to have a bank account to use Mobile Money?

No. You do not need a bank account to use Mobile Money.

Where can I register for the service?

Approach any participating agent to register of which Abbey is one.

What do I require to register?

The requirements vary with the Mobile Money account type that you want. The three variants are:

  • Unbanked: Those without bank accounts. Allows you maximum transaction limit N3, 000 and daily limit of N30,000
  • Semi Banked: Allows you maximum transaction limit N10,000 and daily limit of N100,000
  • Fully Banked: Those with bank accounts. Allows you maximum transaction limit N100,000 and daily limit of N1,000,000
  • Do all mobile phones support Mobile Money?

    Yes. It works with any mobile phone.

    What features are available with Mobile Money?
    • Send and receive money from the convenience of your mobile phone
    • No need for a Bank account to send or receive money
    • Reach anyone in Nigeria
    • Buy prepaid airtime for yourself and other customers
    • Manage your Mobile Money account
    • Mobile Money allows you to send and receive real money on your mobile phone, and cash-out at any participating agent.
    Can I use my Mobile Money account outside of Nigeria?

    Yes. Mainly West African Countries.


    How do I keep my Mobile Money Account secure?

    You need to keep your Account PIN secret from others. Memorize your Account PIN and do not carry it with your phone. Never give away your Account PIN. If you have reasons to believe your Account PIN has been compromised, you can change the Account PIN from the Mobile Money menu.

    What is my PIN?

    PIN stands for Personal Identification Number. It is a 4-digit number known only to you, and is used to authenticate your Mobile Money transactions. You are required to remember your PIN at all times.

    Is my money safe?


    Can I change my PIN on an ATM machine?

    No. You can only set or change your PIN from your Mobile phone.

    What happens if my phone is lost or stolen?

    Your money is safe. Your Mobile Money account is protected by an Account PIN.

    Will I be charged for receiving money to my Mobile Money account?

    No. Receiving money transfers into your Mobile Money account is FREE.

    Will I be charged for checking my account balance?

    No. Any time you send or receive money you will receive a balance notification